Presentation of Self

Curious to understand my fascination with and attraction to certain individuals who live and work in urban, often economically disadvantaged environments, my thesis exhibition explores properties of paint and image to develop a personal and compelling visual vocabulary that communicates as well as celebrates the strength, power, confidence and swag of these individuals. This work investigates the "face" people front in public in order to survive their situations. Representing individuals within my own community in Miami, these portraits help me come to terms with the way I too have adopted and performed identities of survival. Additionally, I want this work to make visual record of these compelling individuals rarely acknowledged within the history of art.

Stepping Out
8' x 4'
Oil on Plexiglass

The Presentation of Self - Everett, Tiffany, Lauren, Tiffany
25" x 38"
Monotype Prints

Stepping Out - Chris and Jenny
12' x 8'
Oil on Plexiglass and Mirrored Film